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Celebrate the grand opening of Inductance Labs with this Lite version of the STR-8 Guitar, our debut product! This Kontakt virtual instrument is made from DI (direct injection, or direct input) samples of an 8-string electric guitar famous for its heavy low tone. The full version will be released soon, but this Lite version is yours now to keep and use in your compositions.

Please note that the FULL version of Kontakt 5 is required to use this instrument.

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STR-8 Kontakt GUI

Here are two demos. The song is “Prime Radiant,” the distorted RHYTHM guitars and the CLEAN STRUMMED guitars are STR-8-Lite. Full mix, and a clip of the guitars only. The amp sims are Bias FX1 on the distorted guitars, Pod Farm 2 on the clean guitars.

Background: This started as a personal project. I am a composer and I love the sound of guitars in my compositions. I own several guitars, but the problem is that I’m not the best instrumentalist. Also, when I’m composing and in the zone, stopping to plug in my guitar, practicing the part, then recording take after take… that tends to distract me from the task of composing. Yes, there are guitar sample instruments out there, but sometimes it’s difficult to find the style and pickup configuration I need. And some of these libraries are way bigger and more complicated than what I need at that moment.

So I decided to make sample instruments out of my guitars for my personal use, to have the tone I want ready to load in an instant. When I was well into programming my first guitar instrument, it occurred to me that maybe there are other people like me out there. Maybe there are composers that are looking for a specific guitar or pickups, and they need it for a specific style.

The STR-8 is the first product in this line. You can download the Lite version here. The full version will be released soon.

As far as usability, the goal is to present an easy-to-use and instrument that still sounds great. While recording and programming, the one guiding principle was “what would I want in a go-to guitar virtual instrument?” I decided that, although there are many beautifully crafted libraries out there that give users complete control over what note is played at what string, when I’m composing, moving fast, and in the moment, I want an instrument that loads quickly, and with good tone and simple controls. This instrument is meant to be a main “workhorse” guitar instrument when you need a guitar patch NOW. Simply load it up, load your favorite amp sim VST, and you’re ready to go. And when the composition is done, STR-8 sounds good enough to remain in the finished composition with minimal tweaking.

Stay tuned for updates on upcoming releases based on this and other guitars…


Requires FULL version of Kontakt 5

24bit, 48kHz samples

Size: 210 MB

Inductance Labs STR-8 Lite Manual ver1