“Isolation”… The first single from “Meditations”

It’s been a pretty busy week! My new album, “Meditations of Light and Darkness,” will be released on 11/30/18, so I’ve been keeping busy making sure everything is ready so that there’s an actual album to release on that day!

A few details about that album… The challenge when writing these songs was to stick to (mostly) the piano and the string section. How much can I say just by using these sections? I knew that I could be soft and subtle, but could I also make it intense and powerful when needed? I think I am happy with the results, and it’s probably a concept I’ll be returning to in the future. There is a lot of power in some of these compositions, but they still manage to remain intimate and expressive.

In the meantime, here is the first single, “Isolation.”

And don’t forget to sign up for my email list! You’ll get a free download of this new song when you sign up. I have more freebies planned as well… http://eepurl.com/dwMkWj


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